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About Tea Marigolds

JIANCU, as a tea drinking utensil, has a long history in China. The earliest appearance in the Tang Dynasty, the Song Dynasty began to have "tea cup" name. Lu You once wrote a poem: "Rattan cane sometimes edge stone stares, wind stove with the disposal of tea cups". Modern people mostly called tea cups or tealights. Tea cups can be tea drinking utensils, can also be used to show the status of the ancient aristocracy is a typical reflection of the tea fight.

Origin of Jianjian

Jianjian, originating from Jianyang, Fujian, China, carries the spirit and aesthetic philosophy of the tea ceremony for thousands of years. In the era when literati and ink masters were advocating an elegant life, Jianjian, with its unique glaze color and profound cultural connotations, became a must-have for the tea ceremony.


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